Hamlets and Communities (Hilltowns)

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The individual Hilltowns are quite large, and transportation was difficult. Settlers tended to gather together in small hamlets, villages, or communities. Each hamlet has its own history.

Town Hamlets, Communities, Villages

Berne Hamlets

  • The hamlet of Berne - the largest hamlet in the town, is located at the intersection of New York State Route 443 and New York State Route 156. Before the Post Office was located here in the latter half of the 19th century it was called "Bernville." In the 19th and first half of the 20th century it had a number of stores, up to three hotels, several blacksmith shops, a funeral home, cabinet makers, harness makers, etc.; now it almost entirely residential. The Town Hall is located here in a former hotel. The same building houses the Berne Public Library. Upstairs is the Berne Museum with "ten rooms of history" operated by the Berne Historical Society. The Post Office is next door. The Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School is at the west end of the hamlet. Here is a "report card" on the elementary and Junior-Senior High Schools.
  • East Berne - a hamlet a few miles east of the hamlet of Berne has a gas station, a couple of restaurants, and a hardware store.
  • Huntersland - a hamlet in the southwest part of the town, was formed circa 1797.
  • Reidsville - a hamlet in the southeast part of the town bordering Westerlo.
  • South Berne - a hamlet near the south town line bordering Westerlo.
  • Thompsons Lake - a small community in the northeast part of the town, south of Thompsons Lake.
  • Warners Lake - the lake and surrounding community in the north central part of the town near East Berne.
  • West Berne - a small hamlet in the northwest corner of the Town near the west town line with Knox and the county line with Schoharie.
  • West Mountain - refers to the highlands in the southwest quadrant of the town.

Knox Hamlets

  • East Township - a hamlet in the northeast part of the town on Route 146.
  • hamlet of Knox - (formerly "Knoxville"), the largest hamlet in Knox, is in the central part of the town, located at the junction of State Route 156 (Berne-Altamont Road) and County Road 252 (Knox Cave Road). Beaverdam Creek flows past the hamlet.
  • Lee's Corners - now gone, existed at the corner of Beebe Road and Knox Cave Road
  • Thompson's Lake - a lake in the southeast part of the town.
  • West Berne - a hamlet at the town line in the southwest part of the town, most of which is in Berne
  • West Township - a hamlet in the northwest part of the town on Route 146.

Rensselaerville Hamlets

The "official" hamlets are Cooksburg, Medusa, Potter Hollow, Preston Hollow, and Rensselaerville.

Westerlo Hamlets