66 Beebe Road, Knox, NY Deeds

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

Lot 65-K

All these deeds are still available from the Albany County Clerk (1980 to present are online) and the Albany Hall of Records. The 120 acres mention in the deed included parts of lots 065-K and 080-K on both sides of Beebe Road in Knox.

August 8, 2002 - John Elberfeld and Jane McLean purchased 66 Beebe Road and approximately .904 acres of land from Steven C. Plue and Lynn R. Plue. Deed book 2716 Page 293

November 2, 1990 - Steven C. Plue and Lynn R. Plue purchased 5724 Beebe Road (currently 66 Beebe Road) from Blanche R. Roycroft. Deed book 2426 Page 683

June 13, 1984 - Blanche R. Roycroft and Charles E. Beebe purchased 5724 Beebe Road from themselves. Deed book 2262 Page 825

August 7, 1981 - Blanche R. Roycroft and Charles E. Beebe purchased 5724 Beebe Road from Charles E. Beebe. Blanche is Charles' daughter. Deed book 2209 Page 927

August 2, 1968 - George K. and Patricia J Tregaski purchased most of the land from Charles E. Beebe and Ina W. Beebe (his wife) to create the Harris Acres subdivision, leaving Charlie with less than an acre from his 120 acre farm.

February 12, 1948 - Charles E. Beebe and Ina W. Beebe (his wife) purchased 120 acres from Charles E. Beebe. Deed book 1155 Page 210

October 3, 1914 - Charles E. Beebe purchased 120 acres from M. May Pangburn. Deed book 595 Page 115

1911 Auction - An auction was advertised for August 21, 1911, but apparently the land did not sell

April 10, 1879 - D. Emory Pangburn purchased 120 acres from Walter S. Church. Deed book 317 Page 299

February 4, 1879 - Walter S. Church purchased 120 acres from Peter Schoonmaker and Emeline his wife. Deed book 317 Page 298

March 24, 1877 - Peter Schoonmaker purchased 120 acres from Wilbur O. Van Auken, E. Adeline Van Auken, Elizabeth Baxter, Henry Baxter. Deed book 317 Page 297

April 8, 1876 - Wilbur O. Van Auken purchased 120 acres, also the personal estate of David Van Auken, deceased, of Knox from John H. Van Auken and his wife Catherine. Deed book 317 page 295

March 8, 1836 - David Van Auken, Jr., purchased 120 acres from David Van Auken and his wife Elizabeth (the parents of David Jr.) Deed book 52 page 422