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Schools in Rensselaerville

Most of the early histories of District schools in the Town of Rensselaerville are lost in their years. They were, for the most part, simple one room structures sometimes with a seperate "necessary building" School #16 in the hamlet of Rensselaerville and School #14 in Preston Hollow were the only multi room buildings. Common school education began in 1795 with the State Legislature voting 1590 pounds to be divided among the several towns in Albany County.[1].

The commissioner of schools numbered the district schools when established. When districts were joined, centralized or closed it was the commissioners duty to make sure there were no two districts numbered the same. However, numbers on old maps were not changed and thus some duplicating occurred like the "Peasley School" was listed and was also numbered Berne School No. 3 and Rensselaerville District School No. 23. It was also known at one time as #27.[1]

  • 1818 - There were 26 schools in the town of Rensselaerville 15 of which reported to the Superintendent of Common Schools
  • 1820 - Preston's Statistical Report of the County for Rensselaerville stated there were 18 common schools.
  • 1824 - Spafford's Gazetteer listed 18 schoolhouses in Rensselaervillle.
  • 1829 - Spafford's Gazetteer listed Rensselaerville with 19 school districts with an attendance of 1061 children between 5 and 16.
  • 1836 - Spafford's Gazetteer listed Rensselaerville with 21 school districts.
  • 1854 - Spafford's Gazetteer listed Rensselaerville with 18 school districts.
  • 1862 - Commissioner George L. Bouton reported 18 districts with 18 teachers.
  • 1870-71 - Commissioner George L. Bouton again reported 18 districts with 18 teachers.[1]

Rensselaerville District Schools

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