Lot 518

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Lot 518
Switzkill Valley, Berne (Beaverdam).[1]

Initially settled by Conrad Swart, prior to 1774, presumably with his father Johannes Schwart.

  • 1774 Sep 12, twelve year lease; Catharine Van Rensselaer, widow of Stephen Van Rensselaer, to Coenradt Swart, of the Beaver Dam, Yeoman, 170 acres already in his possession on the west bank of the Beaver Creek or Kill, opposite the corner of the farm leased this day to Peter Dietz, with rent due annually every January. (while Stephen Van Rensselaer, Jr., in his minority)[2]
  • 1782, a muster roll, section no. 3; ... Adem Deitz, Adem Deitz, Jr., Hendryck Deitz, Jury Ball, ... Counrade Swarts, ... Johannis Eker, Nicolas Eker,...[3]
  • 1787 survey map by Wm Cockburn, Lot 518, shows Conradt Swart with two buildings located on the west bank of the Switz Kil Creek. Adjacent and on the east bank is Lot 519, Adam Deitz, so the south is Lot 498, George Ball[4]
  • 1789 Sep 8, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Proprietor of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, leased "forever" to Coenradt Swart of Rensselaerville, Husbandman, 209 acres at the Beaverdam, on the banks of the Switz Kill, adjoining the properties of Johannis Eaker Jun. and Adam Deitz. (metes & bounds generally match Cockburn's map)
  • 1790 Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY (M637-6), p74, ln8, Conradt Swartz, 1-4-2.
  • 1799, Rent Ledger: Coenradt Swart, Bern, lot 497, lease dated 8 Sep 1789. First entry in this ledger. (Rensselaerwyck, West Manor Rent Ledger A, p416) -- Note, Conrad's land was principally in lot 517/8, though a portion did extend into lot 497.
  • 1800 Bern, Albany Co, NY (M32-22), p73, ln9, Coenradt Swart, 21201-00010.
  • 1810 Bern, Albany Co, NY (M252-26), p91/172, Fred Swart: 21111-21111-00. (Conrad Swart, living in the household of his son, Fred)
  • 1817 Nov 6, Frederick Swart posted bond on 1/3 of the 209 acres of land leased at Bern in 1789 to Coenradt Swart (Rensselaerwyck, West Manor Rent Ledger A, p416)[5]. -- Conrad's son.
  • 1817 Nov 6, Peter Swart, a note to Mr. Westerlo for the balance on 1/3 of the 209 acres of land leased at Bern in 1789 to Coenradt Swart. (Rensselaerwyck, West Manor Rent Ledger A, p416). -- Conrad's son.
  • 1817 Nov 6, and Matthew Rynhart posted bond for the other third of this land to Mr. Westerlo.
  • 1819 Sep 18, deed, Frederick Swart of Berne, for $140 sold to John Jost Deitz, Johan Jost Shaver, Junr., and John Willday of Berne, Albany Co, NY, 50 acres of farm land on the west side of the Switskill Creek in Berne, adjoining the properties of Adam Deitz and heirs of Johannis Ecker, Jr., subject to conditions of a deed by Stephen Van Rensselaer, Esq. Signed Frederick Swart, by mark. Witnesses Mathias McIntosh, Peter J. Deitz. Recorded 31 Oct 1821 (Albany Co, NY, Deed Book 25, p424).[6]
  • 1820 Berne, Albany Co, NY (M33-63), p36, ln12, Frederick Swart, 011210-30112-0301.
  • 1821 Oct 24, deed, Frederick Swart of Bern and Elizabeth his wife, for $700, sold to John Willday of Bern, 50 acres of farm land on the west side of Switz Kill, in Berne, Albany Co, NY and within the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, adjoining the corners of Adam Dietz and Adam Resue's lots and the heirs of Johannes Ecker, Jr., deceased, subject to conditions in a deed from Stephen Van Rensselaer, and another 15 acres in Berne on which John Bogardus now lives. Signed, Frederick Swart, by mark and Elizabeth Swart, by mark. Witnesses, Henry Stone to the signature of Frederick Swart, and Jacob Settle, Jr., to the signature of Elizabeth Swart. Recorded 3 Nov 1821 (Albany Co NY, Deed book 40, p398). -- by 1823, Frederick moved to Greig, Lewis Co, NY.
  • 1821, John Willday of Berne.
  • 1854, Jacob Sheldon (1799-1869).
  • Beers 1866 map, lot 517/18 shows J. Sheldon where Conrad's two dwellings are shown on Cockburn's 1787 map.

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