Lot 519

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

Lot 519
Switzkill Valley, Berne (Beaverdam),
Intially leased by Peter Deitz, then Adam H. Dietz, Jr. (1746-1826),

  • 1744, Settled by Peter Deitz, (1751-1777) s/o John Hendrick Deitz [1]
  • 1774, Evidence for this lease is the 12 Sep 1774 lease to Conradt Swart of Lot 518: "opposite the South West corner of the farm this day Leased to Peter Dietz…" Peter's father, John Hendrick, was probably the original settler. After Peter's death the farm went to his brother Adam Jr.
  • 1782, a muster roll, section no. 3; ... Adem Deitz, Adem Deitz, Jr., Hendryck Deitz, Jury Ball, ... Counrade Swarts, ... Johannis Eker, Nicolas Eker,...[2]
  • 1787 survey map by Wm Cockburn shows an irregular shaped Lot 519, Adam Deitz, 154 acres, located on the east bank of the Switz Kil Creek, with house and barn. North of this lot is lot 539, Adam Deitz (Adam Deitz, b. 1755 son of Willliam), 229 acres. On the west bank of the Switz Kil, Lot 518, Conrad Swart.[3]
  • 1790 Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY census (M637-6), p195. Adam Deitz, Jr. 3-1-4.
  • 1800 Bern, Albany Co, NY census M32-22), p73, ln7. Adam Dietz, Jr., 11111-00210.
  • 1810 Bern, Albany Co, NY census M252-26), p86/162, ln16. Adam Deitz, Jr., 21111-20311.
  • 1834 Lot 519a, Reinhart and Ball Families Burying Ground[4]
  • 1854 Adam Reinhart (1805-1865), 4/1/1854 Adam Reinhart & his wife Sophia deeded 2 parcels of lot 539 (or 519?) to Egbert S. Wright, Rec. Bk 125, p39[5]
  • 1854 map of Berne shows P. Fowler living on this site.
  • 1855 census identifies him as Peter Fowler, and he is living in a frame house.
  • Beers 1866 map, Grid 539 (Lot 519) shows D.Ball (David Ball). By 1865 David Ball was living there in a gravel house.

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