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From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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This is a waterfall just below the big waterfall in Berne; photo fall 2009, Charles Sloger

The Albany hill towns are known for their natural beauty: pastoral rural country side, rolling hills, meandering creeks, waterfalls, forest land.

Visitor attractions and facilities

To make it easier for visitors who want to "Head for the Hills," their are now separate pages of visitor attractions and facilities for each of the hilltowns:

Eight Mile Farm, Westerlo

Local maps

Laura DeGaetano, Natural Resource Planner, Albany County Department of Economic Development, Conservation & Planning, has provided links to the following resources published by her office:

Hard copies of the maps are available at her office, 112 State St. Room 720, Albany, NY 12207; Tel. (518) 447-5670.

Then and Now

"Then and Now" is a series of images of buildings and locations in the Hilltowns comparing and old photo with a current image of the same scene. There is a separate page for each town.

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rensselaerville

Antique Motor Vehicles

"Antique Motor Vehicles" - We challenge you to try and identify the make, model, and year of the the old vehicles.

Images from the collection of the Knox Fire Department

Helderberg Landscapes

"Helderberg Landscapes" has a series of images taken by various photographers showing the beauty of the Albany hill towns.

Jim Hamilton and family of Berne enjoy watching the sun set over Mr. Van Rensselaer's Lot 594.

Helderberg Hilltowns companion sites

History of the hill towns of Albany County and the people who lived there.
Historic building preservation in the hamlets and countryside of the hill towns.
Preservation of the farmland and scenic beauty.
Promoting farms and farm activities.
  • www.HillTowns.org - Information on the Helderberg Hilltown Association activities, as well as extension list of Hilltown businesses, products, services, and recreation.

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