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Clifford Beman Hannay


Clifford Beman Hannay was born 14 MAY 1894, the son of Edwin Eugene Hannay (19 FEB 1861 - 25 FEB 1951) and Martha Louise Ford (7 MAY 1868 - 1 MAY 1954). His siblings were:[1]

Clifford Beman Hannay also married Annie B. Halstead



Marriage & Children

Clifford Beman Hannay married Hazel Estella Barber (26 APR 1895 - 30 JAN 1969) the daughter of Anson Barber and Emma W. Knowles. Their children were:


Clifford Beman Hannay died 16 NOV 1962.


Additional Media

On Saturday the C. B. Hannay Co. held an open house to celebrate 50 years of being in the business of making reels. Many area and out-of-town people took advantage of this opportunity to see first hand what goes on at the Hannay Plant. The visitors were taken on a guided tour of the plant which included the buildings where the parts are made, reels assembled, painted, crated for shipment and stored.. They also saw the warehouse, the garage, the advertising department, the office with various types of modern business machines and much, much more.

In 1933, the founder of the company, Clifford B. Hannay built a reel with the necessary fluid connectors and rewind crank for handling hose for liquid fuel. It proved to be a success and today the Hannay Co. manufactures reels that will handle any liquid or gas. These reek are equipped with manual or power rewind mechanisms and come in many types and sizes with various specifications. They are sold all over the U.S. in many parts of Canada, Central and South America. Westerlo is proud of the C. B. Hannay Co. as it is the leading manufacturer of reels for all types of hose and cable and gives employment to well over 100 men and several women who make up the office staff. Congratulations and may the Hannay Co. continue making for the next 50 years.

Altamont Enterprise - September 22, 1983

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hannay and sons Dwight and George spent last Wednesday in Westerlo in attendance at a wedding at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Haines when their daughter Florence was married to David Edwin E. Hannay. Jr. Mr. Hannay is a brother to Clifford B. Hannay.

Altamont Enterprise - October 21, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Hannay and family moved to Westerlo this week, where they will occupy their new home, recently erected.

Altamont Enterprise - March 27, 1925


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