Ball, Senica S.

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Senica Snyder Ball was born on Switzkill Road in Berne, Albany County, N.Y. on 22 Oct. 1846.[1][2] He was one of 16 children of Robert Ball (1809-1893) and Anna Barbara Dietz (1815-1897).[1][3]

On, the U.S. Federal Census of 1850 for Berne, N.Y., shows Senica in the following household:

  • Robert Ball, 41
  • Anna Barbara Ball, 35
  • John Ball, 16
  • Ambervelia Ball, age 13
  • Sylvanus Ball, 11
  • Mary Ball, 9
  • Lucius Ball, 7
  • Seneca Ball, 3
  • Jerome Ball, 8/12
  • John B Dietz, 80

John was Senica's maternal grandfather Johannes Bellinger Deitz (B. Aug 18, `172, D. Sept 1, 1856).[1]

Marriage & Children

May 22, 1877 he married Rhoda Fleming[4]. Rhoda was born in ca. 1856 in MN. They had a son Oscar F. Ball born in in MN[5] Oct 1882. Oscar was a hotel clerk in Grand Rapids, ND in 1900.[6]. In 1930 Oscar was single, a telephone operator living in Minneapolis, MN.

Military Service

Residence at Enlistment: Berne[7]
Place of Birth: Berne, NY[7]
Date of Birth: 22 Oct 1846[7]
Names of Parents: Robert (Ball) and Barbara Dietz[7]
Marital Status: Single[7]
Occupation: Farmer[7]
Term of Enlistment: 1 year[7]
Bounty Received: None[7]
Enlistment Date: April 12, 1865[8] or 31 Mar 1865[9]
Enlistment Place: Albany, NY[9]
Enlistment Rank: Private
State Served: New York
Regiment: 43rd Infantry[9]
Company: Company D
Muster Out Date: 27 Jun 1865 [9]
Muster Out Place: Washington, DC[9]
Additional Remarks: Seneca applied for his invalid pension benefits on August 1, 1890 from his home in Minnesota. Enlisted at the age of 18.[9]

Parents names, Robert and Barbara Dietz, Single, Born in Berne, NY on October 22, 1846 age 18, Occupation, farmer, Brown eyes, Brown hair, Fair complexion, 5'8" tall.[10]

Sources Used:, U.S. Civil War Soldiers 1861-1865, American Civil War Soldiers, Civil War Pension Index; 1865 census Berne, Albany Co.,NY; Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


The 1865 NY State Census recorded Seneca living with his parents and siblings on June 1, 1865 in Berne. He was working as a farmer with his father and brother Jerome while his older brother Henry A. Ball was recorded as a soldier.[8]

After the Civil War, Senica moved to the mid-west. The 1870 US Federal census recorded Senica Ball living with his younger brother Jerome D. Ball in the home of his older brother Miner Sylvanus A. Ball in Crow River PO, Town of Franklin, Wright County, MN.[11] He continued to live with his brother Miner and his family in Franklin in 1875.[12]

  • 1880 Federal census Delano, Wright, Minn
S. S. Ball 35
Rhoda Ball 24
He was an engineer,
  • 1895 Delano, Wright, Minn
Sin S. Ball 49 retired
Rhoda Ball 39
Oscar F. Ball 14
He was retired

In 1900 and 1905 he was in Delano Village, Franklin Twp., Wright, MN. In 1900, he was recorded as widowed, working as a driver and owning a mortgaged house.[13]


Senica died on October 5, 1907 at Delano, Wright County, MN[14] and Rhoda, his wife, died between 1895[15]and 1899[16].



Additional Research Notes

A Seneca S. Ball is recorded in the book: Howell, George Rogers, Bi-centennial History of the County of Albany 1609-1886 Published 1886.

Additional Media

Delano May 1 99

Brother Charley How are you? Anyway, i was Just thinking it is 23 years ago today that I was married. How time goes by here. I am giting to be a old man and I do hate to git old and rinkley. But we have to take our medicine as it comes to us. I have not had very good health for some time. But I am to blame myself. I lived little too fast when I was younger and I am now reaping Evil Doings. My Ray is in ND. He has been gone over a year. He is 17 years old. So you See I am Back Whare I was 25 years ago only Better fixed. I have a nice House of furnished in good Shape. But it is no Home for me Since my wife died.

A young man can stand those things Whare a old man can't.

Well Charley Who gites the old farm whare we was all Raised? I hope you will git it. Have you made a Settlement yet? What will you give me for my interest in cash?

I must close. Give my Love to your wife. Tell her to write me and I will answer. It is awful hard work for me to write. I am so nervous i can't read this after I write.

Senica Snyder Ball


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