DuPont, Pierre Jean

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Pierre Jean DuPont was born about 1749 Europe, his parents are not known.


Pierre was probably a first generation immigrant, likely from the Palatine/Alsace region where the name is most frequently found.[1] He apparently immigrated sometime prior to the revolution, probably landing in New York. According to Drew, Tales from Little Lewis (p15)[2] Pierre met his wife to be, Maria Richter, an indentured servant onboard the same ship.




Presumably a farmer.

Anna Maria, may have been a midwife: "From Washburn's Reminiscences... Very early the gratuitous services of Mistress Bennet and her colleague, Mother De Pung..."[3]

Military Service

15 Aug 1775, Dutchess County, NY, Peter Depung was a signer of the Articles of Association in support of the Revolution.[4] It is a reasonable assumption he also served in the local militia during the Revolution. The fact he signed the Articles of Association, and was issued land by Van Rensselaer in 1787, indicates his service was honorable.


Lot 430

  • 1787 the Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer had the vacant lands of his Manor in his west Rensselaer Manor [Berne] surveyed and he made plans to develop and populate those unsettled lands(1787 survey map). Handbills were distributed throughout New England announcing that he would give veterans of the Revolution homesteads without cost.[5]
  • 17 May 1788 Peter J. Depong, at Beaver Dam (Berne), leased lot 430, containing 168 acres from the Patroon (Rensselearwyck, West Manor Ledger A, p93).[6]
  • 1790 census of Rensselaerville [Berne] - Peter J. Dupong was listed with this son, wife and three of his daughters, his daughter Catherine having married Henrich earlier that year.


About 1810, Pierre, his wife and son left Berne for Phelps, Ontario Co, NY,[7] though he did not sell lot 430 until 1813.

Marriage & Children

Pierre married about 1770 to Anna Maria Henrietta Fredericka Richter.

  • 1. Catherine Ann DuPont, born 18 Sep 1770, NY; Died: after 1860 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY, Married: 10 Jan 1790 Schoharie DRC, Albany Co, NY to Henrich Dietz, Born: 01 Jan 1771 Switzkill Valley, Beaverdam (Rensselaerville), Albany Co, NY Baptism 1: 02 Jan 1771 Beaver Dam Dutch Reformed, Berne, Albany Co, NY, Baptism 2: 20 Jan 1771 Schoharie Dutch Reformed Church, Albany Co, NY, Died: 06 May 1850 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY.
  • 2. John DePung Born: 1775 NY Died: Aft. 1820, Married: abt. 1798 Berne, Albany Co, NY to Sarah Fellers Born: abt. 1775.
  • 3. Eva DuPont Born: 1781 Germantown, Columbia Co, NY Baptism: 16 Dec 1781 Reformed Church Germantown, Columbia Co, NY, sponsors were Niklas Rausch jr and Eva Rausch. Died: Aft. 1815, Married: before 1815 to Mr. Parker.
  • 4. Elizabeth DuPont Born: Apr 1783 Germantown, Columbia Co, NY Died: 16 Dec 1841 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY, Married: 01 Jun 1801 Schoharie Lutheran Church, to Frederick Swart Born: 06 Sep 1779 Switzkill Valley, Berne, Albany Co, NY Baptism: Oct 1779 Lutheran Ch, Schoharie, NY, Died: abt. 1845 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY.
  • 5. Maria DuPont Born: 1787 Germantown, Columbia Co, NY Baptism: 16 Sep 1787 Reformed Church, Germantown, Columbia Co, NY Died: 11 Jun 1869 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY, Married: abt. 1805 pr, Berne, Caleb Lyon Born: 1761 East Windsor, Hartford Co, CT, Died: 15 Sep 1835 in Lyonsdale, Lewis Co, NY.


1815, will (undated). Peter John DePung, Phelps (township), Surrogate Court Records, Canandaigua, Ontario Co, NY, bk.10, pp43-5. Proved 1815 Aug 15.


Pierre Jean DuPont died 1815 Phelps, Ontario Co, NY. No tombstone has been found.

His wife, Anna Maria Henrietta Fredericka Richter, died 31 Dec 1836 in Greig, Lewis Co, NY. She is buried at Collinsville Cemetery, Turin, Lewis Co, NY: 22nd row, Tombstone:[8] Anna Maia Henrietta Fredericka Ritcher, consort of Pierre Jean Depont, Died Dec. 31, 1836, AE 81 years & 3 days. Erected by her Grandson, L. R. Lyon.


For over 145 years a number of fictitious stories about Pierre Jean DuPont and his three daughter's of Lewis County, New York have been in print and are now circulated on the internet has fact, not to mention a number of obituaries.

The fictions claim he was everything from an aid to Montcalm,[9] a Commodor in the French Navy,[10] and a Colonel in the French Army,[11] all false.[12]

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