Westerlo Cemeteries

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This information on Westerlo Cemeteries has been compiled from numerous sources:

  • An inventory of Westerlo Cemeteries, compiled by the late Larry Jackson, lists 66 cemeteries and small family burial grounds. Many of the burial grounds no longer exist, having been moved to the Indian Fields Cemetery in Alcove to make way for the construction of the Basic Reservioir.
  • During the period 1925 to 1937 Mr. and Mrs. William Van Derpoel Hannay transcribed a number of Westerlo Cemeteries.
  • The late Thurman Bishop Jr., former Town Historian transcribed the legible tombstones in numerous cemeteries and burying grounds in Westerlo. There are copies in the Town Hall in the Clerks Office, in the Town Museum and Library, and in the office of the Town Historian. *Earlier cemetery records were lost in a fire.

Active Cemeteries

Inactive Cemeteries and Family Burying Grounds

  • Adriance- Hotaling - located on Udell Road near Reidsville.
  • Applebee Cemetery - located on Rt 143. Five marked gravestones.
  • Aragona Cemetery - located on Albany Hill Rd. One burial.
  • Brate Farm Burying Ground - near Reidsville; proceed south on Quarry Road turn right, uphill and opposite bar gap on left side of road past house, observe burying ground on knoll in field.[1]

-Babcock Cemetery (See Town Line Road North Cemetery)

  • Burras - located on Rt 32. One marked gravestone.
  • Carr - located on Carr Rd. Three marked gravestones.
  • Dunbar Farm Burying Ground - Dormansville, in Dunbar Hollow. Fifteen marked gravestones. Turn right from Ravena - Westerlo road at the foot of Dormansville hill, and proceed 1.5 miles, turn left at redschool house, proceed and keep to the right then the next left to the end of the road, and go to the next house. Cemetery north of house.[1]
  • Christian Church - located on West Street in South Westerlo.
  • Dunbar Hollow Cemetery - Located in Dunbar Hollow. Five marked gravestones.
  • Felter Cemetery - located 1000 feet east of intersection of Rte. 408 and Rte 402. on top of first knoll to the right (south) side of road as you are traveling east on Route 402. Cemetery is in grove of tress approximately 300 feet off road. Located on 1866 map on Lot 118 to right of A. Felter. Eleven marked gravestones.[2]
  • Gardner - located on Rt 408. Six marked gravestones.
  • Gould and Peck Cemetery - location Johnny Cake Hill. Thirteen marked gravestones.
  • Green Cemetery - located on Hill Top Road, 1 mile west of South Westerlo.
  • Green-Hunt-Knowles - located west of County Rt 408 on Johnny Cake Hill Rd. Turn on to Johnny Cake Hill Road heading west from County route 408. Cemetery is located in field on right (north) about 1000 feet in from the intersection with Rte. 408. On 1866 map is located in Lot 156 and is where the name A. Green appears.[2]
  • Harris Cemetery - see Lounsbury
  • Hitchcock - located on Creamery Road. Three marked gravestones.
  • Holdridge - Rt 408. Six marked gravestones
  • Horseshoe Bend - located on Rt 401. Fourteen marked gravestones.
  • Huyck - located on Rt 496. 1 ½ miles north of South Westerlo.
  • Jones - located on County Rt 1. Four marked gravestones.
  • Lake - located on Ingallside Rd, 1 mile SW of South Westerlo.
  • Lester - located on Rt 404, 1 mile SW of Dormansville.
  • Lobdell - located Rt 409, north of Lambs Corners.
  • Lobdell (no more information)
  • Lockwood - located on County Rt. 410. Eight marked gravestones.
  • Lounsbury Cemetery - County Rt 1 - five marked gravestones.
  • Mabey - located on Maple Ave, 1 mile east of Lambs Corners.

-Milkins Burying Ground - Alternative name for either Vrooman Cemetery or for Patire and Lamoreaux.

  • Nelson Farm Burying Ground - Moak family buried here. Turn to the left at Brayman's Corners, on the Albany Rensselaerville State Highway, and proceed 1.5 miles, observe burying ground on your right by a few trees.[1]
  • Newry Road - location Newry. Eight marked gravestones.
  • Onderdonk - located on Rt 312, north of Dormansville.
  • Patrie and Lamoreaux - located on south side of County Rt 413, 1 ½ miles SW of hamlet of Westerlo. Between its intersection with Goodfellow Road and its intersection with Route 408. Traveling west on 413 it is on left side of road 150 feet on top of knoll. Also known as Milkins Cemetery. This cemetery is actually two separate cemeteries, each on a small hill separated by a small valley.[2]
  • Prosser - located on Rt 32, 1 mile south of Dormansville.
  • Quaker Cemetery - located in grove of evergreen trees just east of Smiths Corners north of Rt 402.[2]
  • Reynolds - located on East Street in South Westerlo.
  • Schoepp - Rt. 408 - one burial
  • Shepards - location Rt 32. Eight marked gravestones.
  • Slade- Kingsley
  • Snyder - location Tan Hollow. Three marked gravestones.
  • Snyder Cemetery - located County Rt 1, 1 ½ miles west of hamlet of Westerlo on east side of County Rte. 1 where it intersects with Goodfellow Road.[2]
  • Spalding Cemetery - located west of Lambs Corners off Rt 403.
  • St. John Cemetery - location Kropp Rd. One marked grave.
  • St John Cemetery - located on Rt 402, ½ mile east of Smiths Corners on right side of road just west of intersection of Routes 402 and 405.[2]
  • Stanton - located on Boomhower Rd, south of Dormansville.
  • Swartout - located on Rt 401, 2 ½ miles south of the hamlet of Westerlo.
  • Tompkins - located on Rt 402. Three marked gravestones. Crary, Dayton, and Jackson. One half mile north of intersection of Chapel Hill Road and Town Line Road on right (east) side of road. A neglected cemetery in a field.[2]
  • Town Line Road North Cemetery - Three marked gravestones.
  • Vrooman Cemetery - located on Rt 402, 1 ¼ to 2 miles south of the hamlet of Westerlo. west of 402 and 410 intersection. Also called Milkins Burying Ground.[2]
  • Wickham Farm Burying Ground - Dormansville, (Dunbar Hollow) - Turn right from Ravena - Westerlo road at foot of the Dormansville hill, and proceed 1.5 miles, turn left at red school house, proceed to the right, then the next left to the end of the road, Cemetery south of the house.[1]
  • Wideman Farm Burying Ground Turn to the left at Brayman's Corners, on the Albany Rensselaerville Road (State Highway), and proceed one mile. Observe burying ground on your left in clump of trees.[1]
  • Wiltsie - located on Rt 401, 1 mile south of the hamlet of Westerlo.
  • Wooster - located on Kudlack Lane, 1 ½ miles east of South Westerlo.

Moved Cemeteries and Burying Grounds

Cemetery Maps

At Albany County Hall of Records, Book 20 (on aperture cards in vault)


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