Van Rensselaer Knox Lot numbers

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

The lot numbers were assigned by Wm. Cockburn when he made his 1787 survey map of the Hilltowns. It is based on a grid creating rectangular lots of 120 acres. The number of the grid is the same as the number of the lot for vacant land. The lots of the squatters who were already there at the time of the survey are irregular in shape and cross grid boundaries.

Note: Lots 1-86 were originally numbered between 697 and say 790 (impossible to read). They were renumbered at some date to be determined. To differentiate them from lots 1-86 in Rensselaerville and Westerlo, they will be numbered on this site with a K following the number, meaning that the Lot is in Knox, not Rensselaerville or Westerlo.

Renumbered Lots 1 - 86:

Lot 47-K, Lot 65-K

1870 Knox Lot inhabitants - Child's Business Directory

Original 1787 Lot numbers:

Lot 629 Lot 644 Lot 652 Lot 672 Lot 680 Lot 681 Lot 829