The New York Times July 28, 1869 Article

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The New York Times July 28, 1869

THE ANTI-RENT WAR; Riot in Greenbush--A Sheriff's Posse Resisted, and Several Persons Seriously Wounded.

July 28, 1869, Wednesday

Late last evening rumors of removal of the anti-rent war in this county, and of the wounding of several men during an affray between the officers and tenants, were rife throughout the city, but no reliable particulars of the affair could be obtained. The affair was most unexpected. A clap of thunder from a clear sky could not be more startling that this reopening of the old anti-rent struggle at a time when all excitement in regard to the subject had passed away, and it was supposed that the troubles of the anti-renters were, to a certain extent, at an end. But this murderous affray now reopens the agitation, and as there is great excitement in the region where it occurred, it is impossible to predict what will be the result. The following is the Albany Argus' report of the affray:

The troubles which grew out of the Van Rensselaer leases, and which several times in former years necessitated the calling out of the militia to overcome forcible resistance in Albany and Columbia Counties, have not yet ceased, not-withstanding the rights of Van Rensselaer have been vindicated at all points by the Courts, in suits between him and the tenants. The latest instance of forcible resistance to a legal process, with bloody results, occurred yesterday upon the farm of William Whitbeck, who lives just east of the village of Greenbush, a short distance from the Olcott place, within one and a half miles of Albany. It appears that a writ of ejectment had been issued against Whitbeck, and that on Tuesday last, about 4 o'clock P. M., Deputy Sheriff Griggs, of Rensselaer Coutny, served the process and placed in possession of the farm Colonel Walter S. Church, of this city, who some years since acquired the Van Rensselaer title to this and other manorial lands by purchase. Colonel Church placed three men in possession, with directions to hold the property...