Lyon, John

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


John Lyon, born in 1843 to Stephen Lyon (B. Aug 5, 1800, D. Mar 17, 1878) and Catherine Simons (B. abt 1813, D. Mar 24, 1878), was one of eight children.[1][2]


John Lyon did not marry.[1]

Military Service

61st Infantry Battle Flag
Name: John Lyon
Residence: Berne[3]
Place of Birth: Berne, NY[3]
Date of Birth: Sept 1843[3]
Names of Parents: Stephen (Lyon) and Catherine Simmons[3]
Marital Status: Single[3]
Occupation: Farmer[3]
Term of Enlistment: 3 years[3]
Bounty Received: $100.00[3]
Enlistment Date: 8 Sep 1862
Enlistment Place: Berne, New York [3]
Enlistment Rank: Private
State Served: New York
Regiment: 61st Infantry
Company: Company I
Died of Disease on: 12 Dec 1862[3]
Place of Death: Falmouth, VA[3]
Place of Burial: Falmouth, VA[3]
Additional Remarks: Enlisted at the age of 21[4] "Died Dec 12, 1862 Falmouth Va of Typhoid fever. buried at Falmouth Va."[3]

Born in Berne, NY in September of 1843, Age 21 years, Farmer, Gray eyes, Black hair, Dark complexion, 5'8-1/2" tall.[5]

Sources Used:, American Civil War Soldiers; 1865 census, Berne, Albany Co., NY; Howell, George Rogers, History of the County of Albany, NY from 1609-1886, W. W. Munsell & Co., 1886, page 817; Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


John Lyon died on December 12, 1862 in Falmouth, Va. after having become ill (with typhoid fever)[3]during the Civil War.[2] He was buried where he died.[3]

Additional Media

Heroes of Albany

JOHN LYON was born in the town of Bern, in the year 1843, and was the son of STEPHEN and CATHERINE LYON. He was a youth of excellent moral character, and was a true patriot. On the 8th of September, 1862, he enlisted as a private in the Sixty-first Regiment of New York. He was stationed in Falmouth, Virginia, where he faithfully discharged every duty to which he was called. He was suddenly taken ill, and died on the 12th of December, 1862. His officers give him the highest praise for private virtues and public services.

Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


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