Warner, Christopher

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Christopher was born on June 25, 1738 in the area of Schoharie, N.Y., the son of Mathias Warner and Maria Barbara Bellinger.

Marriage & Children

On May 3, 1760, Christopher married Elizabeth Engle (Engel) (1738-1783) in Schoharie. They had several children:

  • Anna Warner b.11-11 1760
  • Christopher Warner b.10-2-1762 d.2-8-1813
  • Mathias C. Warner Jr. b.2-2-1765 d.7-9-1846
  • John C. Warner b.3-3-1767 d.8-21-1831 m. Sarah Warner
  • Elizabeth Warner b.7-9-1769
  • Eva Warner b.3-6-1775 d. 9-22-1870
  • Peter C. Warner b.1779,
  • Jacob C. Warner b.2-24-1783 d.6-11-1854

Christopher's second wife was Maria Elizabeth Zeh, whom he married on October 23, 1787. They were first cousins. They had several children:

  • Maria Warner b.11-21-1787
  • Catharine Warner b.7-22-1788
  • Adam Warner b.10-14-1792
  • Lydia Warner b.10-14-1795
  • Anna Barbara b. 10-19-1800
  • Maria b.4-23-1805


Christopher passed away on March 6, 1783, Berne.