Ball, John Peter (1775)

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Born in Berne 2 Aug 1775 son of George Ball ca. 1740 and Elisabetha Dietz (1745)[1]


He spent his life as a farmer.[2]

According to a story in Landmarks of Albany County, once while plowing in his field, during the war of 1812, he was suddenly confronted by Indians and taken prisoner, he was returned unharmed.[2]. This is undoubtedly a family legend rather than fact. There was no Indian activity of note in Albany County in the 19th Century.

Marriage & Children

He married the Elizabeth, a daughter of Ephraim Bogardus[2]
. According to his bible she was the Widow Elizabeth Flayman at the time of her marriage. Her first husband has been identified as David Flayman. [3] Among their children were:


He died in 1862, his wife survived him by several years and died in 1865 when 85 years of age.[4]

Additional Media

Ball, David, was born in the town of Berne in December, 1817.

His grandfather was a native of Berne and his parents were immigrants to America from Switzerland.

John Peter Ball, the father, was also a native of Berne, born in 1788, and spent his life as a farmer. Once while plowing in his field, during the war of 1812, he was suddenly confronted by Indians and taken prisoner on his own horse; after being gone some time he persuaded the Indians to release him and he returned home with his horse unharmed. His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Ephraim Bogardus, and their children were Robert, Ephraim and David. He died in 1865 and his wife survived him several years and died when seventy-eight years of age.

Mr. Ball is one of the leading farmers of the town of Berne. He received a very limited district school education and when a lad of but fifteen, began life for himself. Having a natural mechanical turn of mind, he engaged to learn the carpenter's trade; this he followed as a journeyman until twenty-five years of age, when by the financial failure of others, he lost what he had earned. He then married and began life anew, this time as boss or contractor of carpentry jobs, which he succeeded in and followed the business over forty years. In connection with this business he also conducted a farm, and during forty years (from the time he was thirty-five years of age) by hard and industrious work and practice of strict economy, he amassed a fortune of over §40,000; from time to time he has added to his real estate possessions, until he now owns some 590 acres, his homestead containing 200 acres. I'Vn- many years he vi'as an extensive sheep grower, turning off large wool clips. Mr. Ball was elected commissioner of highways and filled the office for nine consecutive years. His wife was Louise M., daughter of Peter Reinhart, and they had live children: Caroline (wife of Hiram Wilsey), Christana (wife of Luzene Deitz), Catharine (wife of John D. White), Ephraim, and Theodora (wife of Dr. Wallace K. Deitz of Berne); Ephraim resides on the home farm and assists in its management. His wife was Esterloa Delemarter, and they have two children: Louisa and Mertie.

Landmarks of Albany County, New York


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