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Adam H. Dietz, Jr., b. 1746 Switzkill Valley, Beaverdam, s/o Johann Hendrich Dietz and Catharina Elizabeth Ecker, d/o Nicholas Ecker.[1] 1784 Sep 7, will, John Hendrick Dietz, son Adam to get half of the estate.

1746 Nov 7 Schoharie Lutheran Church (#281), Johan Hendrick Dietz and Elisabeth, bp. Adam. Sponsors Adam Dietz and wife Geertruad.[2]

The sponsor, Adam, was probably John Hendrich’s brother (Adam’s uncle), and Gertrude, Adam’s wife, was also the sister of Adam’s mother, Maria Elisabeth.[3]


Presumably could read and write.[4]


Presumably a farmer.[5]


Lot 519

The Van Rensselaer 1787 survey map shows an irregular shaped lot of 174 acres on the east of the Switzkill, with house and barn. North of this lot is lot 539, Adam Deitz (Adam Deitz, b. 1755 son of Willliam), 234 acres. On the west bank of the Switz Kil, lot 518, Conradt Swart. A Van Rensselaer lease records summary of Van Rensselaer Manor records at the NYS Archives show that from 1790 - 1837 the lessee on lot 519 was Adam Dietz Jr. In 1832 it was leased to Peter A. Dietz. An 1837 VR lease journal says that the lessee was Adam Dietz Jr. and that the lease to him started Dec. 18, 1790. The annual rent for the 159 acre farm was 18 bushels of Wheat, 4 fat fowls, and 1 days labor (with horse and wagon). There was a 1/4 sale provision. (NY State Library, Albany, Manuscripts and Special Collections. William Cockburn's 1787 Map of Van Rensselear's Manor). In the 1784 will of Adam H.'s father, John Hendrick Dietz, John wrote, "Likewise my will, Adam, my son, should build a barn, and my beloved wife should pay one half of the charges out of the land I have given them, or if after her death, then my daughters shall defray the one half of the charges of building the barn and it is my will that the barn stand on my farm together with my dwellings, and the house shall belong to my daughters, each an equal share." After 14 years of marriage and family, Adam probably already had a house on his father's farm. But they shared his father, John Henrick's barn.(probably a log barn like that of John Hendrick's brother, Johannes's barn, further up Switzkill Rd.) Within three years, Adam H. Jr., had built his barn shown on the 1787 VR Rent Lease Map located on lot no. 519, what has been for about 80 years, the Drezloe Farm. It was probably built c. 1785-86, and has been greatly renovated by the Drezlo family brothers, according to Joe Drezlo. Eva Dietz Young, who wrote the 1967 appendix to the original Dietz geneology supported this view of Adam H.'s barn location.

Military Service

Adam Dietz served in the American Revolution as an Ensign and 2nd Lieutenant in the 3rd Company (Beaverdam), 3rd Regiment (1st Rensselaerwyck Battalion), Albany Co, NY Militia.

Adam Dietz, Ensign, 3rd Regiment, Albany Co, NY Militia.[6]

1780 Mar 4, 2nd Lieut. Adam Deatz, Jun'r, 3rd Regiment (1st Rennselaerwyck Bn), Albany Co, NY Militia.[7]

Marriage & Children

1769 Oct 12, Schoharie Reformed Church, Albany Co, NY; "Adam Dietz jr, son of Hendriech, b Schogharie married Annatje Bellinger, d/o Joost, deceased, b Schogharie."[8]


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Adam Dietz died 1826 Sep 6, Berne.[9] Burial, not found.

His wife, Annatje Bellinger, d: 1813 Berne.[10] Burial, not found.

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