Lake Rural Cemetery

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Lake Rural Cemetery, Inc. and Old Burying Ground[1]

Thompson Lake Road at Thacher Park Road East Berne, NY

GPS: N 42 38.442, W 74 02.401


The Lake Rural Cemetery, Inc. is on the east side of Thompsons Lake Road (State Rte. 157) at the intersection with Thacher Park Road, opposite Thompsons Lake Reformed Church. Owner: Thompsons Lake Reformed Church, P.O Box 94, East Berne, NY 12059.

400 by 495 feet/ Stone wall fence. This is an large, active, well-maintained cemetery. The earliest stone is dated 1845. In the Old Burying Ground, an earlier part of the same cemetery, was once the pasture of Daniel Secor, the main organizer of the Thompsons Lake Chruch. The earliest date is 1811. This pre-dates the Thompsons Lake Reformed Church by 15 years. The Old Burying Ground is not maintained at the same standard as the newer cemetery. We have essentially no records of burials since about 1936. We need transcriptions and photographic records of the stones.

There is a list of burials at