Wright, Samuel S.

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Samuel S. Wright was born on January 15, 1824 in Berne, NY to John S. Wright and Marion Scott.[1][2] His birth year has also been given as 1834, but this contradicts US and NY State census data as well as the fact that he enlisted at age 40.

Marriage & Children

In 1848, he married Nancy Miller (B. Nov 4, 1827, D. Oct 9, 1884), who was the daughter of Eli Miller and Anna Barton. They had one daughter Armina Wright (B. abt Mar 1850).[3][4][5][6][7]

Military Service

Name: Samuel Wright
Residence: Berne[1]
Place of Birth: Berne, NY[1]
Date of Birth: 15 Jan 1834[1]
Names of Parents: John S. (Wright) and Marion Scott[1]
Marital Status: Married[1]
Occupation: Farmer[1]
Term of Enlistment: 1 year[1][7]
Enlistment Date: 25 Aug 1864 or Sept 5, 1864[7]
Enlistment Place: Albany, New York
Enlistment Rank: Private[7]
State Served: New York
Regiment: 3rd Cavalry
Company: Company L
Muster Out Date: 7 Jun 1865
Muster Out Place: Norfolk, VA
Additional Remarks: Enlisted as a private at the age of 40. Was sick for two weeks with "chronic diareah".[7]
Sources Used: Ancestry.com, American Civil War Soldiers; Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War; 1865 NY State Census, Berne


Samuel enlisted at age 40 in 1864. That was old for a Civil War soldier and the older men found the brutal conditions especially grueling. They often were unable to keep up with the younger soldiers. They were more likely to be sick.


Samuel was born in Berne and continued to live there as an adult.[2][5][7] He married his wife Nancy in 1848 and had his only child in March of 1850.[4] He worked as a farmer and by 1850 owned his own farm.[4] In 1855 they were living in a frame home valued at $150.[5] Living nearby were many of his Wright relatives.[2] The value of his real estate holdings recorded in the US Censuses indicate that he was a successful farmer. After he returned from the Civil War, he hired young male teenagers to help him on the farm. In 1870 he hired Elias Reinhart and in 1880 George Nelson.[8][9]


Samuel died on April 14, 1884 and was buried at Berne and Beaverdam Cemetery in Berne.[3] Less than six months later, his wife Nancy died on October 9, 1884.[3]


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Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


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