Whipple, Malachi

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Malachi, a son of Amos Whipple and Anna Hewitt was born on June 20, 1770 at Stonington, Connecticut.[1]


Malachi was a farmer. He also owned a grist mill. He represented Knox in the board of supervisors and subsequently represented Berne in the same capacity. He was also one of the founders of the Reformed Dutch church of Berne.[1] [He could not have been one of the founders since the Berne Reformed Church was founded before he was born.][2]

Marriage & Children

Malachi Whipple married Priscilla Brown, born November 2, 1777, a daughter of Stephen Brown and Abigail Palmer on October 5, 1796 at the Dutch Reformed Church, New Salem, Albany Co., NY[1][3]
Their children:

  • Sarah Whipple[1], died 1847[3]
  • Amos Whipple was born on June 22, 1797 and died in 1861[1][3]
  • Polly Whipple[1] was born at about 1801[3]
  • Diana Whipple[1] was born about 1804[3]
  • Lois Whipple[1] was born at about 1807[3]
  • Anna Whipple[1] was born at about 1809[3]
  • William Whipple[1] was born at about 1810[3]
  • Ethan Whipple[1] was born in 1810[3]
  • Abel Whipple[1] was born at about 1813[3]
  • Lucy Whipple[1] was born on November 21, 1817 and died on May 26, 1884[3]
  • Parmelia Whipple[1] was born on March 18, 1818[3]
  • Allen Whipple[1] was born at about 1819[3]
  • Esli Whipple was born in 1820[1][3]


Malachi died on Dec 12, 1836[3] in the Town of Berne, Albany Co., NY Priscilla died on May 13, 1860.[3][1]

Additional Media

Whipple, Walter, was born in the village of Berne in 1846.

Malachi Whipple, his grandfather, was a representative man who came from Stonington, Conn., in 1793, settling in what is now the town of Knox, and purchased what has ever since been known as the Whipple farm. His farm in 1820 took the premium as the model farm in Albany county ; the premium consisted of two solid silver pitchers, silver tea-spoons, and five silver cups, which are still in possession of different members of the family; he afterwards received premiums on his sheep and wool and on cloth of his own manufacture. In 1835 he removed to the village of Berne, purchased a mill privilege and erected a grist mill. While residing in the town of Knox he represented that town in the board of supervisors and subsequently represented Berne in the same capacity. He was also one of the founders of the Reformed (Dutch) church of Berne. His wife was Percilla Brown and they had thirteen children; Amos, Polly, William, Diana. Lois, Ann. Ethan. Abel. Sarah, Lucy, Parmelia. Allen and Esli.

Esli, the father of Walter Whipple, was born in Knox in 1820. He learned the harnessmaker's trade and followed it throughout his enter life. He was five years old when his father moved to the village of Berne and he spent his life there, with the exception of five years spent in Cohoes. In politics he was a Republican and was often proffered nominations for public offices, but always declined the honor. His wife was Angelica Rosekrans, daughter of Dr. Holmes Rosekrans. of Berne, and they had one child, Walter. Esli Whipple died in February, 1892, and his wife m October, 1887. They were both members of the Reformed church, in which Mr. Whipple had been an officer for many years, and was an elder in the church at the time of his death.

Walter Whipple attended the common schools of the village and finished his education by attending select schools for several terms. When sixteen he entered a store at Rensselaerville as clerk, where he remained three years; the next two years were spent in Albany as a clerk. He then returned home and engaged in harness-making with his father, with whom he remained until the latter's death ; since the death of his father he has continued the business alone. Mr. Whipple is a Republican and like his father always refused all public offices. In 1871 he married Miss Josephine Ball of Berne, daughter of Paul and Maria (Moore) Ball. Mr. and Mrs. Whipple are both members of the Reformed church, of which Mr. Whipple is at the present time an officer.

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