Decker, Wesley

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Wesley Decker was born December 23, 1835, in South Berne. He was the son of Michael Decker and Elizabeth Bovie.

Marriage & Children

On October 1, 1862, Wesley Mary Hope Fox, daughter of Samuel Fox in the Lutheran Parsonage in Berne. They had three children:

  • Lucius M. Decker (October 5, 1863-1958, and perhaps named for Wes's deceased brothers Lucius H. Decker and Minard Decker who both died 3 months earlier on July 3, 1863 in battle at Gettysburg)
  • Walter Decker (Abt. 1866-1882)
  • Arthur Wesley Decker (1869-1964)


In 1850 and 1855 and 1860, Wesley lived in Berne and was a laborer and farm laborer. In 1865, he was in Rensselaerville and was a farmer on 116 improved acres, and married to Mary, with a toddler son Lucius. He left Berne by 1869 for, perhaps, Ellisburg, Jefferson County where his brother Samuel lived. Josiah W. Decker 64 was a farmer in Adams, Arenac County, Michigan in 1900, (married 15 years to Mary J., a second marriage) and was also a farmer in 1910 Adams. By 1920 Adams, he was 84 and widowed, and a "farmer, gen farm."


He died February 14, 1923, at 87 years of age, in Moores, Clinton Co., N.Y.


Additional Media

Wesley (of then Michigan) wrote a letter to his niece Hattie Kniskern on April 28, 1889 and mailed it several days later. Hattie was to marry Charles Deitz in six months. Wesley referenced his last visit to Hattie's father (John Calvin Kniskern of Berne), as being 20 years earlier, making that visit March of 1869. At that time, John was married to Wesley's sister Angeline, and she died in December of 1869. Wesley also referenced his birthday as December 23. He also references his sons Lucius and Arthur.

Ogden April 28th 89 (envelope was postmarked 1889)

Dear niece This day finds me seated to drop a few lines to you to let you no that I am in the land of the living and well with the exceptions a bad cold it is very nice wether here and a verry busy time seading I would like to drop in to see you all but can’t this summer it was 20 years ago last march that I was at your house whare your pa now lives you was a small girl how time slips it don’t seem over five years hattie why don’t you take a run up and see me when you go out to see brother will it haint but a little ways it takes only about thirty hours ride. I had a letter from will he said that Eva was verry low didn’t think that she would ever be any better I haven’t herd a word from my buoys since wone year ago this spring arther wrote to me & I answered it & that is the last I have herd of them arther was living in South Berne & lucius was living in the town of Renssellaer ville don’t know whare they are at present wish you would go to see the buoys when you get time would like to see your father and all the rest of the folks you think your father is gitting old I was 53 years the 23 third of last december & I don’t think that I am old think that I will live to be one hundred Excuse poor wrighting & Bad spelling. Can’t think of any more at present Hoping these few lines will find you Well Wright Soon I Ever Remain your Uncle Wesley. to Hattie Niskern Direct as before Sterling Arenac PO Mich