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Varina (pron.: /vəˈraɪnə/ və-ry-nə) is a former unincorporated town and current magisterial district in the easternmost portion of Henrico County, Virginia, United States. Varina was named for Varina Farms, a plantation established by John Rolfe on the James River about 45 miles upstream from the first settlement at Jamestown in the Virginia Colony, and across the river from Sir Thomas Dale's 1611 settlement at Henricus. Varina became the county seat of Henrico when it was formed as one of the eight original shires of Virginia in 1634, and remained in that capacity until 1752, when a new courthouse was built at Richmond.

After the emergence of Richmond as a major community and port in the mid-18th century, and as land transportation became better, the location of Varina, which was not on any major roadway, became more isolated, gradually slipping into primarily farming use. During the American Civil War (1861–1865), Varina was known as "Aiken's Landing", and came into frequent use for the exchange of Union and Confederate prisoners.

Varina, Virginia