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  • History: Hal Miller started this site about 5 years. It was TOO successful and became impossible to manage. In a perfect storm of unfortunate events, the old site developed unrecoverable technical problems. This new version of the site will eventually contain the data of the original site, but will spread it over 6 independent MediaWikis which will be easier to maintain.
  • Contributions: You are encouraged to add information to the site. To prevent vandalism, you must email John Elberfeld at, who will create your account. Send him your real name, preferred user name and password, and the email you want associated with the site, and he will sign you up on all six sites. You will receive six emails, one for each site. Please reply to each email.
  • Organization: The six wikis cover the Hilltowns, Berne, Knox, Rensselaerville, Westerlo, and Biographies. At the top of the page you can see a "Bread Crumb" trail showing the path you have followed through the site. Click on a page name to return there. The tabs at the top of your screen will have icons NavigationTabs.gif that indicate which site you are currently on.
  • Searching: A search looks on one site ONLY. For that reason, the Hilltown site has most major links listed, as that is probably the site where most visitors will start. It may be necessary to search all six sites to find a particular page.
  • Coding Changes: You can link among the wikis in the articles you contribute, but you need to indicate where to look for the linked file. If you reference the "Berne Town Hall" in a biography or in a article in Knox, the coded reference is [[Berne Town Hall|Berne Town Hall]]. Try it: Berne Town Hall. The prefixes are: h: for Hilltowns, b: for Berne, k: for Knox, r: for Rensselaerville, w: for Westerlo, bio: for Biographies, g: for Gallupville. The link name is listed a second time after the vertical line so the prefix does not appear on the page. All links to another site appear blue, even if the link is faulty. Test each link.