The Christopher Zeh House

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Christopher Zeh House

1136 Helderberg Trail

  • 1854 map of Berne shows Christopher Zeh (1799-1870), son of Johannes Zeh, living next to his brother Henry on what is now 1136 Helderberg Trail. In 1854 probably a small one story building, which is the west wing of the current house.
  • 1865 census suggests that what is now the two story main house had been recently built.
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne shows...
  • say 1899 Burton Wright (1869-1952), son of Harvey H. Wright, lived in the house built by Christopher Zeh.
  • 1899-1972 Ernest Wright (1899-1972), son of Burton, lived his entire life in the farm house where he was born.
  • 1979- present Ralph Miller (1938- ) bought the farm at 1136 Helderberg Trail.

The house was probably built by Christopher Zeh, with the one story wing of the house built before 1854, and the main two story house with basement built between 1855 and 1865.


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