From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Photo taken from bridge where Canaday Hill Road crosses the Switzkill<br.>Charles Sloger, 2007


The Switz Kill originates at Onderdonk Lake in the Town of Westerlo and flows north for 6.9 miles through the Town of Berne before it flows under a bridge on Canaday Hill Road to enter the Foxenkill just west of the intersection Canaday Hill Road with Switzkill Road.

The Switz Kill is a third-order stream that can potentially have multiple recreation uses such as fishing, boating, trapping and picnicking, but it is presently extensively posted with extremely limited public access. As was the case for the Fox Kill, the waters of the stream are probably unsafe for drinking and swimming. The Switz Kill is subject to flooding about 0.5 miles downstream of the point where it crosses Gifford Hollow Road.