Lot 538

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

I may have discovered who operated the saw mill on the 1866 Beers Map lot #538 near the Ball farm. Page 17, in describing the Shultes family, there are 2 sentences-"More land was added by purchase. In the 1870's a saw and clover mill was operated by a younger Adam and a Paul Shultes."--According to the 1865 census, the Paul Shultes living near the Ball farm on the West side of the Switzkill not only was a son of the older Adam(son of Mathius), but had a 32 year old son of his own named Adam H.---The 1854 Jay Gould Map of Albany County shows the clover mill on the East side of the Switzkill, across from the saw mill and mentioned in Charles Balls 1899 mortage papers. Paul Shultes' farm is also shown on the 1866 Beers Map near the mills. Apparantly, the mills were on the Shultes farm, not the Ball farm? Al Deitz

both mill sites are on the Ball farm today. So Paul Shultes may have owned that land when he and Adam operated the mills. Someone sold the mill site land to a Ball family at some point. Al