Lot 404

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


For the location of this West Mountain lot at 484 Ravine Road click on 1787 map of Berne.


  • 1787 – Wm. Cockburn survey map shows this as a ___ ac. lot[1]


  • 1793 - Elisha “Lamorea” leased this lot[2]; probably Elisha L’Amoreaux, of Westchester County, who moved to nearby Rensselaerville before 1774. Elisha died 1817.
  • ~1830 - is when the current house is believed to have been constructed.
  • 1853 - Seliah G. Young and Miner Frink were each leasing part of lot 404 and part of adjoining lot 381 to the south.[2]
  • 1854 map of Berne - S. G. Young in the house at 484 Ravine Road. Seliah was born in Berne in 1794, the grandson of Shaw Young of Putnam County, who moved his family to the area in 1780 and settled nearby on lot 379 at the intersection of Bradt Hollow and Peasley Road.
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne shows W. Young in the same house Seliah was living in 1854. Seliah was 72 and retired and his son William Young was operating the farm.
  • 1892 - William Duke and Melvin Crocker each owned part of lot 404.[2]
  • 1923 - John and Mary (Theresa) Giebitz, who were born in Hungary, moved here from New York City. The Giebitz's were the last real farmers and had the place up to the 50s. Next a Ryder or Rider family owned the property for a short time before selling it to Andrew and Doris Caroline.
  • 1989 - Richard & Mary Ann Ronconi bought the farm

Additional Media

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