Latham Hotel (Westerlo)

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Latham House

On the corner of State Route# 143 and County Route# 401 once stood this three story magnificent old hotel. The Latham House (originally the Chesterville Hotel) as one can read over the entrance way was owned and run by Henry C. Latham post-Civil war(1876-1884). This building like so many older buildings was destroyed by fire in the 1890's. In front of the Latham House from left to right are Carrie Latham, Green Girl{photographer's daughter}, Nellie Latham, Charlotta{Christian}Latham, {Mrs, H.C.Latham}, Albert Latham, Mrs. Green{photographers wife}, Jerome Darling, Ferris Swarthout, George Wheeler, Henry C. Latham Prop., "Uncle"Bija Desbrew, Dave Winston {cousin to Albert}, Hiram Jones and Joe Golden..[1] [2]


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