Lake, Lorenzo

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Marriage & Children

Military Service

Residence: Westerlo, Albany Co., NY[1]
Place of Birth: Greene Co., NY[1]
Date of Birth: 1827[1]
Occupation: Farmer[1]
Marital Status: Married[1]
Enlistment Date: unknown
Enlistment Place: PA
Regiment: 149th Infantry, Company G[2] [3]
Deserted: Date not given[3]
Enlistment Date: 26 Dec 1863[2]
Enlistment Place: Greenwich, New York [2]
Enlistment Rank: Private
State Served: New York
Regiment: 7th Regiment NY Heavy Artillery[3]
Company: Company A
Captured on: 24 May 1864[3]
Captured at: North Anna River, VA [3]
Imprisoned at: Andersonville, GA[2][3]
Paroled on: 2 April 1865[3]
Paroled at: Aiken's Landing, VA[3]
Muster Out Date: 7 June 1865
Muster Out Place: Annapolis, MD
Additional Remarks: Enlisted at the age of 37.[2]
Sources Used:, American Civil War Soldiers and Andersonville Prisoners of War; Annual Report of the Adjutant-General for the State of NY for the year 1897; Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War

His Life

Lorenzo moved to PA, married, and had several children. He enlisted in the military and while he was gone, his wife died. He deserted from the service, returned home, gathered his children, and brought them back to Westerlo to be taken care of by family members there. He immediately enlisted here and served honorably. After the war, he returned to PA and lived out the rest of his life.



Additional Research Notes

Additional Media

Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


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