Knox at War

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

From the Knox Sesquicentennial Booklet (1972):

Knox at War

History records that Knox has always responded patriotically to the country's need in time of War. Captain Benjamin Fowler, Lt., Henry Dennison, Capt., Elisha Williams, and James Dyer served in the Revolutionary War and rest in silent majesty at High Point Cemetery. James Dyer has the distinction of having been an orderly to General George Washington. Colonel Asa Abbot's resting place is in a small plot found at the Robert Whipple farm. Amos Torrey, Silas Blodgett, and John Saddlemire also served in this war and are buried in the Knox Cemetery.

Landmarks of Albany County list these men as serving from the Town of Knox in the War of 1812: Henry Bunzer, William Bunzey, Edward P. Crary, Joseph Gallup, Benjamin Williams and Henry Williams.

The Civil War found 77 volunteers from the Town of Knox. Their names are recorded in Tenney and Howell's History of Albany County. Time and space do not allow for individual references, but each one was important and each one served their country well with integrity, moral courage and strength. Some did not return to Knox, but a grateful town proudly salutes their memory.

World War I sent more of the town's young men to fight the "war to end all wars", but in 1945 young men and women went again to keep the torch of freedom burning. Beatrice Armstrong, Duane Finch and Kenneth Ecker, William and John Burke gave their lives in this quest. Stuart Mosley has recently given his life to the Vietnam War. Like the resolute, brave pioneers of old all of these former citizens of the Town of Knox have blazed their names on our past. With reverence we pay these heroes homage.