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From the Knox Sesquicentennial Booklet (1972)


In a review of the towns of Albany County in Tenney and Howell's book it states that in 1824 Knox had a library of 400 volumes. "There long existed a library in this town that was modeled after the New England town libraries. It was helpful in forming the character of the people to habits of intellectual culture and good morals." Records about this library were not located. One conjectures that it might have been destroyed when other town materials were destroyed in the fire of 1850.

No other resource material yielded any reference to what apparently was an outstanding library for that period.

An 1901 issue of the Altamont Enterprise calls attention to a club that hoped to organize a library.

Knox club has been organized and has formulated a constitution and by-laws. The officers are: President, Henry A. Crary; Vice-Presidents, Alonzo Ackner, Sarah Meigs, John C. Bogardus, Sr., Miss Curtis and Mrs. Ferguson Brown; Secretary, Allen Lewis; Treasurer, Elizabeth Baxter; Librarian, Henry Lockwood; Assistant Librarian, Alonzo Ackner and Miss Anna C. Hunting. The club is organized for the intellectual and social benefit of the people of Knox. An invitation is extended to all to become members and share its benefits. A library of over 100 volumes has been started. This is only a start and this number will be swelled to ample proportions. Books are catalogued and can be drawn by anyone who desires. The club solicits subscriptions from all interested parties and believes that if the right kind of interest is taken in it by the people of Knox there will be no doubt as to its usefulness.

Donations of books and magazines will be gratefully received and will be put to good use. A sustaining membership is 50 cents per year, and carries with it the right to vote at all meetings. The books of the library will probably be placed in the Reformed Church Hall and can be drawn out on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 3-5. Help the club and help yourself.

Vertie Gibbs tells us that she remembers going to the library over the blacksmith shop (presently Stevens Gas Station). Research did not disclose when it moved from the Church Hall or perhaps that was the first place the library was established. Records were not available as to when library service was discontinued.