Knox School District No. 9

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

From the booklet, Booklet Knox, New York Sesquicentennial, 1822-1972

District No. 9, as reported previously, was combined with District No. 2 in 1866. However, Tenney and Howell reported in 1886, "District No. 9 is a joint district most of which lies within the town of Wright, Schoharie County, only 2 children of school age living in the portion lying in Knox and the schoolhouse being located in Wright." The schoolhouse of District No. 10 is located on the Bozenkill Road. It is currently owned by Oscar Peterson and except for the addition of double doors, the structure remains in its original state. Hattie Barber reports that the site on which the schoolhouse was constructed was probably donated to the district by the Snyder family, and consequently it bore the name, Snyder's School.