Knox School District No. 8

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

From the booklet, Booklet Knox, New York Sesquicentennial, 1822-1972

District No. 8 had 38 children and 37 of them were enrolled in the school. An average daily attendance of 16.9 was reported. The school was valued at $300 and its 25 volume library at $5. Lottie Clykeman reports that Charles Sturgess and Edith Sturgess taught there around 1890. In the early 1900's, Retha Schoonmaker and Simeon Stevens were teachers in the district. Nina Janssen reports that Maude Barton, Nicholas Winegard, and John Bogardus taught from 1906 through 1910. Minnie Dexter reports that Ira Fairlee, Myrtle Fairlee Weidman, Mildred Lee, Elmina Babcock, Charlotte Williman, Laura Ostrander, Marion Allen, and Florence Seabury taught through 1910 to 1922. Elizabeth Hiltsley taught in 1922-23, and Mrs. Orpha Quay reports that she had three students.

Mrs. Walker taught in the district in 1928, and she was followed by Dorothy Kingsley during the tenure of Charles Beebe as trustee. Mrs. Orpha Gage Quay attended the District 8 school. Mrs. Quay has been a music teacher for 52 years, during which time she has taught in various schools, in the old Methodist Church, and she now gives music Lessons at her home.

The former schoolhouse of the district is located at what is now the intersection of Beebe Road and Middle Road. Once owned by Earl Gaige, it is now owned by Harry Liddle who has converted the structure into a dwelling. The original building was torn down and rebuilt in 1910.