Knox School District No. 3

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Skunk's Misery School Picture - Courtesy of E. J. Hogan
Report Card for School #3 from 1895 - Courtesy of Timothy J. Albright

From the booklet, Booklet Knox, New York Sesquicentennial, 1822-1972

District No.3 was located at what is now the corner of Pleasant Valley Road and Taber Road. There were 42 children of school age recorded in the district,and 31 of these attended during the school year with an average daily attendance of 13. The school was valued at about $500 and its library of 50 volumes was valued at $10. In 1879, William Chesebro was the schoolmaster, and he was followed by James Adam, Daisy Norton, Clinton, Filkins, Ann Hunting, Earl Gallup, Retha Schoonmaker, Arthur Funk, John Bogardus, (spring term 1902), Theron Bishop, Edith Sturgess, Edward Mattice, Iola Warner, Loise Pramer, Adelaide Dyer, (1910) Minnie Skinner, Ethel Nickerson, Rev. George Hamilton, Nettie Filkins, Margarite Roney, Ernestine Hitsley, Elmer Crounse, Ruth Campbell, Hilda Brunk, Carrie Quay, Lillian Pond, Marion Ryan, Ola Hill, Julia Empie, Mary Owen, and Marion Thompkins.

In 1918 and again in 1926, Roscoe Schoonmaker was the trustee. In 1920 Arthur Hitsley served as trustee and Stanton Clute as collector. In 1925, Alvy White was trustee and the collector was Raymond Warner.

Present research has not disclosed when this schoolhouse was moved to Township, but it was subsequently bought by Duane Finch and is now [1972] owned by Leonard Tubbs who has converted it to his home. In 1932 the District was annexed to the Berne-Knox Central School System.

Another name for the area is Skunk's Misery.