Knox Reformed Church (Berne)

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
Knox Reformed Church and Parsonage "Now"


2175 Berne Altamont Rd, Route 156, hamlet of Knox; 518-872-0432.


The church is a traditional country church and is over 150 years old. While there have been many renovations, the historical attributes remain. There is a beautiful antique chandelier; which was given to the congregation by the First Church of Albany. It had been a gift to them from "Good Queen Anne" of England. When you look up to the balcony, you can see the hand-hammered tin panels on the front of the balcony. The floor of the church is carpeted. The church also has dark wooden pews with covered seats.

Knox Reformed Church and Parsonage "Then"

Church hall

A 40’x80’ hall is attached at the rear of the church. It was built in 1958. The main floor of the church hall has a unique kitchen that was designed by Cornell University at one end of the hall. This kitchen was developed to be very efficient for preparing, and serving food for suppers and other events. The kitchen is followed by a good-sized dining hall. At the other end of the hall is the pastor's office, and a stage. Downstairs are the Sunday school rooms and the area for the nursery school.


The parsonage is situated next door to the church. The exact age is unknown, but it is estimated to be early 1800’s. It is a large old house with old country charm.

100th Anniversary 1842 - 1942

The Knox Reformed Church celebrated its 100th annivesary in 1942 and in September had various celebrations. The booklet below list what happened and who was involved.

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