Knox Cave article May 13, 1955

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Knox Cave article May 13, 1955

Knox Cave Notes

Knox Cave reports that events to be advertised by us must be reported to me in advance and correctly to avoid mistakes. The Berner - Knox freshmen did not tell me at ail so no notice of their party was given. I was told Thursday that they had three bus loads coming Friday. Theyi had a large and profitable party, I understand.

Parties are expected Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. They may or may not come. To avoid this we should charge a fee to reserve a date, but we have never done that. Rink, will be open. June 10 is a closed, party from 10 a. m, —caverns, skating, picnic, etc., for Berne-Knox eighth grade.

Visitors are coming daily to see the caverns. Sunday there were visitors from four or more states and I was asked again to lease the caverns.

One contractor has bid $12.00 a cubic yard to clear the exit for a caverns shelter from atomic dust. Mr. Acker will submit a bid this week. I will use caverns' earnings this year for development of the caverns for a bomb shelter. This is as useful a way to create non-competitive jobs as I know.

Mr. Tubbs is still working on the caverns paths and lights. There is a serious overload of lights and new circuits will haye to be installed. Howe Caverns has about 2400 ft. of lighted cavern. Knox Cave shows about 200 ft. now and we hope to add about 1OOO ft. to the display this year.—D. C. Robinson

Altamont Enterprise May 13, 1955