Knox Cave article July 29, 1955

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Knox Cave article Altamont Enterprise July 29, 1955

Knox Cave Notes

Knox Cave reports that these people traded ticket stubs for pens: Lynn A. Magin, Nancy Eckel, Donna Palombo, "The Cowlis Family", Gail Young, Frank O'Connor, Dawn McMillian, and others. Also that the Saturday night record sale was a success. It will be repeated this Saturday, July 30th. The record sale should work like this: buy your 50c ticket. The stub is the price of a record. The records are played and you may skate or dance. If you hear a record you like, you ask for it. If two or more people want the same record, it is sold to the highest bidder. These are not roller-skate music, but regular stock sold in stores at about a dollar. The lower price comes from quantity buying.

The Monday night racing did not develop, too hot, or boys too scared to try. Best time for 1/8 mile was 17 seconds, or 2 seconds longer than the track record. There was little driving on the auto track. Twice it was used for speeding and once for a beginner. Any person who wishes to join a club of hot-rod builders, see us and join this group. This track is 300' x 800', too small for high speed, but, if the club is large enough, a regulation measured ½ mile track will be laid out.

The caverns had many visitors, most of them from other states or countries. There were a few spelunkers. — D. C. Robinson.

Altamont Enterprise July 29, 1955