Knox Cave article July 18, 1958

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Knox Cave is not prepared for use as a shelter from bombs-Altamont Enterprise - Friday July 18, 1958

Knox Cave Notes

Knox Cave is not prepared for use as a shelter from bombs or fall-out. If war comes, as is probable, with no warning, there may be a rush of people into the cavern. If there are too many, it will be a trap and a death worse than anything you know.

There is but one open entrance- exit. We own it but we would not dare use it without a second exit and proper ventilation to expel foul air.

It must have, to be safe, ample pure water and air which can be drawn from the many miles of caverns, auxiliary power and lighting, latrines and ventilation, besides methods to care for the people who come.

I have been trying to do this work since the U. S. government prevented closing it in the 2nd World War. The cost will be over $100,000.00. Because it goes for labor or its costs. I tried again these past two years. The final plan was to cost each person $2.50 a year insurance with a home-site over the cave. Many people have asked for it but not one has offered any cash help. The cash spent is insurance and is lost the same as auto insurance. It is not a nestegg for a waiting heir, but to insure the living.

D. C. Robinson

Altamont Enterprise - Friday July 18, 1958