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John Michael Steiner, (John M. Stiner) the son of Cornelius Steiner and Maria E. Wilday, was born on March 26, 1844 in Middleburg, Schoharie County, NY.[1][2][3] His surname has also been spelled Stiner. His siblings were:[4]

Marriage & Children

First John first married Calista M. Cook (B. Mar 21, 1831, D. Feb 6, 1892)[5] who was the daugther of Daniel Hedges Cook and his wife Mary Wood.[1] They had several children;

  • Daniel H. Steiner (B. March 20, 1862, D. May 21, 1867)[1][5]
  • Daniel H. Steiner (B. May 20, 1868, D. May 21, 1868)[1][5]
  • Gabriel N. P. Steiner (B. April 11, 1869, D. unk)[1][2]
  • Arthur H. Steiner (B. Feb 17, 1872, D. June 8, 1923)[1] [5][2]

Secondly in about 1905, he married Orsinia Wilday (B. Oct 19, 1876, D. after 1925) who was known as Nina and was the daughter of Merenious Wilday and Sarah L. Cross.[1][6] She had previously been married to George B. Adams by whom she had a daughter who was known as Elda O. Steiner.[1][7]


John worked as a farmer for most of his life.[8]

Military Service

Name: John Michael Stiner[9]
Residence at Enlistment: Berne[9]
Place of Birth: Middleburgh, Schoharie Co.[9]
Date of Birth: 26 March 1843[9]
Names of Parents: Cornelius (Stiner) and Mary Wilday[9]
Marital Status: Single[9]
Occupation: Farmer[9]
Term of Enlistment: 3 years[9]
Enlistment Date: 23 Oct 1861[10] or 18 Oct 1861[9]
Enlistment Place: Albany, New York[10] or Knox[9]
Enlistment Rank: Private
State Served: New York
Regiment: 11th Light Artillery[11]
Muster Out Date: 13 Jun 1865 [10]
Muster Out Place: Albany, New York[10]
Additional Remarks: Enlisted at the age of 18[10]; "Deserted and enlisted again. PO Berne, NY"[9]
Sources Used:, American Civil War Soldiers; 1890 US Veterans Census Berne, Albany co, NY; Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War


John came from a large family and he can be found living in Berne with his parents and siblings in 1850.[3] However by the 1855 NY State Census, he was not with his parents or in Berne.[12] In 1860, he wis living in Knox with John G. Gallup and his wife Polly, where he is attending school at the age of 15.[13] After the war, he returned home to Berne where he was to live for the remainder of his life.[8] In 1870, living with his parents and siblings, he was working as a farm laborer and recorded significant savings of $3000.00 probably accumulated in part from his Civil War bounty and pay.[14] By 1880 still in Berne, he was married with young children and was working as a farmer.[15] In 1900 his first wife dead, he was living with his two adult sons in a house he owns.[2] A decade later he had remarried and was living with his teenage stepdaughter and two adult sons.[7] By 1920 now in his mid 70s John was working as a gardener and living with his wife, son Gabriel and mother in law Sarah.[6] Four years later he was dead.


After his first wife Calista died in February 6, 1892, John buried her at Berne and Beaverdam Cemetery in Berne.[5] When John died on May 24, 1924 he was also buried there.[5] His second wife, Nina, continued to live in Berne and in 1925 was living with her elderly father and working as a housekeeper.[16]


Additional Research Notes

Town and City Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War

New York, Town Clerks' Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War, ca 1861-1865 about John M Stiner[17]
Name: John M Stiner
Birth Date: 6 Mar 1843
Birth Place: Middleburgh, New York
Father: Cornelius Stiner
Mother: Wilday
Enlistment Location: Berne, Albany, New York
Regiment: 11th Battery
Rank: Private

New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900|New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900

Knox - John M. Steiner - Muster Roll

New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900 about John M Stiner[17]
Name: John M Stiner
Age: 18
Birth Year: abt 1843
Birth Place: MIddleburgh, New York
Enlistment Year: 1861
Enlistment Location: Albany, New York
Muster Year: 1861
Separation Details: Muster Out of Service
Separation Date: 13 Jun 1865

Civil War Record Summaries

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles about John M Stiner[17]
Name: John M Stiner
Age at enlistment: 18
Enlistment Date: 23 Oct 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Albany, NY
State Served: New York
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in the New York 11th Light Artillery Battery on 26 Oct 1861.
Mustered out on 13 Jun 1865 at Albany, NY.
Birth Date: abt 1843
Sources: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General

Annual Report of the Adjutant-General|Annual Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York - 11th New York Independent Battery, Light Artillery

STINER, JOHN M. — Age, 18 years. Enlisted, October 23, 1861, at Albany; mustered in as private, October 26, 1861, to serve three years; mustered out with battery, June 13, 1865, at Albany, N. Y .

1890 Veterans Schedules for Knox|1890 Veterans Schedules for Knox

Steiner, John M. - Private, 11th New York Battery, Enlisted 1861, Discharged 1865, Served 3 years,Post-office address is Berne.

History of the County of Albany|History of the County of Albany]] - Tenney and Howell

ROLL OF HONOR, WAR OF REBELLION - John A. Stiner (Berne list)

Census Records

1870 United States Federal Census about John M Stiner[17]

Name: John M Stiner
Age in 1870: 27
Birth Year: abt 1843
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Berne, Albany, New York
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: East Berne
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Mary Stiner 58
Daniel Stiner 29
Lambert Stiner 18
George Stiner 25
John Stiner 2
John M Stiner 27

1920 United States Federal Census about John Steiner[17]
Name: John Steiner
Age: 75
Birth Year: abt 1845
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1920: Berne, Albany, New York
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Ninia Steiner
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Home owned: Own
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
John Steiner 75
Ninia Steiner 43
Gar*At Steiner 50
Sarrah Willday 69

Additional Media


EHERLY—WILDAY — At the residence of John M. Steiner. Berne, July 3d 1904. by Rev. Henry Sluyter. Luella Wilday of Schoharie, of Geo. Emerly of Schenectady.
(Luella Wilday is the sister of Orsinia Wilday, the second wife of John Michael Stiner)

Altamont Enterprise - Friday, July 8, 1904

Mrs. Sarah Wilday is visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Stiner.

Altamont Enterprise - February 1, 1918

In memory of Arthur H. Steiner who died June 8th, 1923; and John M. Steiner, his father, who died Mar. 24, 1924.
Son and Brother
Gabriel N. P. Steiner

Altamont Enterprise - Friday, June 18, 1924


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