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John Jost Wilday was born in 1826 at 255 Irish Hill Road in Berne, Albany County, New York to Johannes Wilday (B. April 7, 1789, D. 1873) and his wife Margaret Ecker (B. Oct 28, 1794, D. Dec 25, 1861).[1] He was one of the younger children in a family of eight and had an older brother named John Wilday Jr., which can cause confusion.[1]



John Jost Wilday was a farmer by trade like his father.[2]

Marriage & Children

John married Anna Maria Resue (B. 1829, D. bet 1880-1892), who was born and raised in Berne like he was. She was the daughter of Jacob Resue and his wife Dolly.[1] They had the following children:

Note: His children's given names were recorded differently on nearly every census. I have included the names that were recorded.


John lived most of his life in Berne, although in later years he resided in Schoharie County. In 1855, John was living in a log cabin in Berne with his wife and two young children, and was working as a laborer.[3] Five years later his family had grown in number, and he was a farm laborer in Berne.[4] In 1870, John continued to work as a farm laborer as well as his eldest son Adam. He lived in East Berne with his wife and most of his children. In 1880, John and Anna were living in Berne with several of their children as well as their Granddaughter Olive Wood (B. about 1873).[6] Olive was the daughter of Joseph E. Wood and John's daughter Anna M. Wilday.[1] We know that John died in 1901 in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, NY. Therefore it appears that John Jost Wilday was recorded in the 1900 US Census in Middleburgh, Schoharie County as John, age 72 years, living alone and working as a farmer on land he owned free of a mortgage.[7] However since his elder brother John Wilday Jr. died in Middleburgh on Nov 5, 1900, there is some question.


John's wife Anna apparently died first as she was not recorded in a census after 1880.[6] John died in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, NY and was buried on May 22, 1901 in Berne.[1]


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