Zeh, Johannes Jr.

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Johannes Zeh Jr. born 1713 Huntersfield, Schoharie. Parents were Johannes Zeh, b. 1667 Oppenhiem, Germany. He married Magdalina; she was the leader of local woman in Schoharie that chased tax collecter out of the area.

Marriage and Children

Johannes Zeh Jr. married Mar. 3, 1738, Schoharie Anna Catharine Bellinger born 1716. Her parents were Marcus Bellinger 1682 Germany and Anna Conrad.

Children of Johannes Zeh Jr. and Anna Catharine Bellinger are¨:

  • Johannes Zeh Nov. 7, 1738 died 1788
  • Hendrick Bellinger Zeh Dec. 28,1740 married Anna Maria Schaeffer
  • Jost Bellinger Zeh Dec. 28, 1740 married Anna Barbara Werner
  • Rene Catharine Zeh Sept. 9, 1742
  • Augustus Zeh Aug. 10, 1744
  • Catharina Zeh Aug. 8 1746 married Jacob Schaeffer
  • Magdalena Zeh Nov. 5, 1749 married Johannes Brown(Braun)
  • Eva Zeh June 9, 1750 married Fredrick Ball
  • Christian Zeh Apr. 7 1751 married Catherina Schaeffer


Johannes Zeh Jr. first came to Beaver Dam,Berne abt. 1765 and lived near the Warner family. They ran a mill with the Warners. (Warner's Sawmill)


Died in Berne between 1790 and 1800.