Green Acres Mobile Home Park

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Green Acres Mobile Home Park - Courtesy of Jayson Romanczuk

Picture Information:

Attached is the aerial painting you ordered some time ago, which we are pleased to be sending you at this time. I wish to take this means of thanking you for the privilege of serving you. This aerial painting is an actual picture blown up, painted with Marshal Oil Paints, and entirely done by hand. The surface is protected by a Krylon finish, which is ideal for washing with any mild soap when required. The paintings are all done by professional artists, and should be viewed from four to eight feet away.

Our artists often use their judgment regarding colouring items which may not have been specified on the original proof. An open garage door, or a car left in the lane way adds to the picture rather than detracts from it so, are often left as is, since they tend to give the painting more life. Enclosed you will also find a hanger and nails to assist you in displaying the painting.

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Letter to the Editor - Altamont Enterprise - June 23, 1967


June Halsey Gibbs, the daughter of John and Nellie Kellerhouse Halsey, established the Green Acres Mobile Home Park on Thompsons Lake in 1966 and ran it until 1988, when she moved to Rotterdam. Her husband, James A. Gibbs, died the year before she established the Mobile Home Park.

Green Acres Documentation

Jayson Romanczuk, the grandson of June E. Gibbs, donated many document related to Green Acres to the Knox Historical Society in January of 2015. Below are links to some of those documents.


JUNE 23, 1967

Letter to the Editor

"Beauty Is Still There"

To the Editor:

In response to Mrs. Hendrickson's letter -- the beauty of the Helderbergs is not a thing of the past.

After moving 500 miles from Maine to the Helderbergs, I am very pleased to read that someone is concerned about the nice homes of the citizens of Knox. I am a citizen of Knox, a home owner, and a taxpayer. I live in a mobile home and, as Mabel Hendrickson mentioned in her letter, I am here to stay.

As far as other mobile homes in Knox are concerned, I cannot speak, but I do know that every child who attends school from Green Acres is an honor student or honorary mention student. Every child and adult at Green Acres attends the church of their choice and religious instruction classes every week. So, you see, we do not breed ignorant juvenile delinquents.

Each of us has our own reasons for owning a mobile home, and most of us could afford one of your nice homes in Knox. It is a matter of choice on our part.

When I first arrived in the Helderbergs I was on vacation. The friendly attitude and warmth of the people here made me want to stay. I was very impressed and still am.

I only thank God that I did not meet certain people before I moved, because I would have missed a chance of a lifetime.

Remember -- home is where the heart is.

M. K. Beaulieu. Green Acres.