Finch, Foster

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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Foster Finch was born in 1761(February 6, 1758[1]) at Fredericksburg, Dutchess Co., NY a son of Jacob Finch and Martha Jacobs[2]. His known siblings were:

  • Comfort Finch b. 1758 at Fredericksburg[2]
  • Reuben Finch b. March 3, 1759 at Fredericksburg[2] Reuben was a Revolutionary War soldier. He lived for a time in the hilltowns, but settled in Niskayuna and died there.
  • Elizabeth Finch b. about 1763 at Fredericksburg[2]
  • Ezekiel Finch b. January 10, 1769 at Fredericksburg[2]


In 1799 Foster served as a private in Captain Wood’s Company, Colonel Pawling’s regiment and as sworn to in his affidavit in support of his brother, Reuben’s, petition for a Revolutionary War pension, he substituted for him in that regiment.

Marriage & Children

At about 1785 Foster married Naomi Merrick who was born at about 1766 and had the following known children:

  • Jane Finch b. August 10, 1787
  • Sarah Finch b. October 27, 1788
  • Ada Finch b. March 27, 1794
  • Ira Finch b. April 21, 1796
  • Jemima Finch
  • Hannah Finch
  • John Finch b. about 1802


Naomi died on March 20, 1823 and Foster died on May 23, 1843. Both were buried in their family burial ground near their home in Knox.


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