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Each Hilltown has specific web sites related to it:

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Albany Hilltown Companion sites

  • Helderberg Hilltowns - a blog to keep people up to date on the latest activities and postings on this site. It is an alternative for folks who do not want to join Facebook.
  • Albany County Hilltowns - A Facebook group is for folks interested in:
- History of the hill towns of Albany County and the people who lived there.
- Historic building preservation in the hamlets and countryside of the hill towns.
- Preservation of the farmland and scenic beauty.
- Promoting farms and farm activities.is a place for discussions this site and to keep informed of new developments on this site.

You don't have to be a member of FaceBook to visit the site and see what is happening. It is safe to visit.

  • www.Hilltowns.org - web site maintained by the Helderberg Hilltown Association. It contains information about Hilltown farmers, artisans, businesses, and recreation.