Chesebro, Christopher

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY


Christopher Chesebro was born on November 16, 1764 at Stonington, CT, a son of Elisha Chesebrough (1723 – 1779) and Hannah Jamison (1718 – 1761)[1] [2]

  • Elisha Chesebrough (1748 – 1749)
  • Hannah Chesebrough (1750 – )
  • Amos Chesebrough (1752 – 1788)
  • Jabez Chesebrough (1756 – 1814)
    • Elijah Chesebrough (1759 – 1808)
  • Mary Chesebrough (1761 – 1835)

Marriage & Children

He married in 1781 at Stonington, CT, Abigail Williams who was born on August 25, 1758 at Groton, New London Co., CT, a daughter of Nathaniel Williams and Abigail Eldredge. [2] They had the following children:

  • Christopher Chesebro b. June 10, 1782 at Stonington, CT, married Mary Brown
  • Ebenezer Chesebro b. June 27, 1784 at Stonington, CT, married Anna Griswold
  • Peleg Chesebro b. August 14, 1787 at Stonington, CT, married Mary Miner
  • Nicholas Chesebro b. 1788
  • Amos Chesebro b. 1790
  • Sarah (Sally) Chesebro b. July 5, 1793 at Stonington, CT, married William P. Brown
  • Eliakim Williams Chesebro b. July 13, 1795 at Stonington, CT, married Sarah Ripley
  • Mary Chesebro b. February 11, 1797 in Stonington, CT, married Daniel Gallup
  • Abigail Chesebro (Nabby?) b. Oct 18, 1798 at Stonington, Ct, married Sylvester Chesebrough
  • Elias Chesebro b. January 8, 1801 at Knox


Christopher died on March 3, 1835 at Knox. Abigail died on July 23, 1837 at Knox. Both were buried at the Old Knox Cemetery in Knox.

Revolutionary War Pension File

Additional Research Notes

1.[1] Christopher served during the Revolutionary War as a private from Conn ecticut. He originally enlisted December 1775 at Stonington and re-enlist ed a number of times later in the field. Christopher, aboard a slo op in a convoy of ships sailing from Norwalk to Long Island, was taken pri soner when his sloop was captured by a 14 gun British man-of-war commandee red my a Captain Smith of New York in October 1777. He was transferr ed to the prison ship "Good Intent" in New York Harbour where he remain ed for about 3 months before being transferred to a "sugar house" on Yo rk Island. He was "paroled", or released, July 20, 1778 but was never off icially discharged from service.2. His application for Revolutionary War benefits was in person and so re corded in the "Declaration In Order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Co ngress__ __1832" on September 18, 1832 in the Common Pleas Court of Kno x, Albany County, New York. He was placed on the pension roll of New Yor k, 1833, for service as private, Connecticut militia. His descendants app eared in various courts through September 1854, with additional comments r ecorded on the original declaration, apparently attempting to confirm Chri stopher's record. (copy of the declaration documents courtesy of Gerald Kirk Chesb ro is in our files)3. Unless otherwise known, Christopher and his descendants have been reco rded with the "CHESEBRO" spelling variation of Chesebrough because his a nd other family member's signature on the aforementioned declaration are s igned "CHESEBRO"


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