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Charles was born in Berne in May of 1825, the son of Gideon Barber and Polly Nelson.[1]


He was a life-long farmer in the town of Berne and Westerlo, but now resides in Berne.[1]

Marriage and Children

Charles married Amanda M., the youngest daughter of twenty-four children born to Richard Filkins by two wives, one of whom was Catherine Angell[1]. Amanda was born on February 10, 1832.[2] They were married at about 1848.
The children of Charles and Amanda Barber were:

  • Morgan F. Barber[1]
  • Oliver J. Barber[1]
  • Sanford H. Barber[1]
  • Perry D. Barber, who died when quite young[1]
  • Frank Barber[1]
  • Ida E. Barber[1]
  • Arthur Barber, died young[1]
  • Loren C. Barber[1]
  • Jennie E. Barber who died at age eighteen[1]
  • Fred Barber[1]


Amanda Filkins Barber died December 20, 1874 [2]

Additional Media

Barber, Morgan F., was born in the town of Berne, April 6, 1849.

Lemuel (Barbour) the great-grandfather, was a native of France.

Gideon, the grandfather, was born in Dutchess county. He was a lifelong and successful farmer, and spent the last thirty-five years of his life in Berne, where he conducted a farm. His wife was Polly Nelson, and their children were Jesse, Nelson, Charles, Darius, John and Roxie. He died in 1874 and his wife died in 1868.

Charles, the father, was born in Berne in May, 1825. He was also a lifelong farmer in the town of Berne and Westerlo, but now resides in Berne. His wife was Amanda M., youngest daughter of twenty-four children born to Richard Filkins by two wives, one of whom was Catherine Angell. The children of Charles and Amanda Barber were Morgan F.. Oliver J., Sanford H., Perry D. (who died when quite young), Frank, Ida E., Arthur (who died when young), Loren C, Jennie E., who died when eighteen years of age, and Fred.

Morgan F. was reared to farm life and received his education in the old Filkins school house in Berne. When sixteen years of age he began for himself by working at farm work, which he followed until twenty-two years of age, with the exception of one year spent at carpentry; being of a speculative turn of mind he then turned his attention to speculating in various things, such as produce, stock, horses, agricultural implements, fruit, nursery stock, etc., which he has continued to the present time. In 1877 he removed to the village of Clarksville and owns a farm and cultivates many varieties of fruits. In 1892 he established a beer bottling business in Clarksville, is also agent for several large breweries, and is a jobber in cigars, doing a general wholesale business. During his nineteen years' residence in this town, seventeen of them have been spent in public office. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Berne Lodge No. 684. In 1871 he married Ruth Emma, born in Westerlo in 1853, a daughter of Nathaniel and Christina (Wright) Newberry, by whom eleven children were born: Lillian, Ida, Evelyn, Lora and Cora (twins), Herman, Eugene, Lucy, Clyde, Morgan and Clifton. Mr. Barber was one of the original promoters and stockholders of the Clarksville and Furabush telephone line and is now one of the directors of the company.

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