Cassidy Family - William Cassidy Story

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY

William Cassidy and the Finger Bowl

The late William Cassidy, once editor of the Albany Argus, had all the traditional Irishman's ready wit, says Judge. On one occasion, he was present at a public dinner where a finger bowl was passed around the table, according to the custom at that time in England. In that country the finger bowl was a decided innovation. The guests one after another dipped their fingers in the water, until it came to Robert Pruyn of Albany, who did the correct thing by wetting the corner of his napkin and moistening his fingers with that. Mr. Cassidy leaned over to his neighbor, and whispered. "I'm glad to see Pruyn do it before the bowl came to me, otherwise I should have put my foot in it!"

Altamont Enterprise August 23, 1895