Businesses (Rensselaerville)

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  • Current Businesses - Rensselaerville visitor attractions and facilities has a listing of current farms and businesses including places to get something to eat and places to sleep.
  • Historic Businesses - This section will have the history of each business beginning from its establishment, through various ownerships and name changes. Pictures may be used provided you have authority to post them. The below businesses were in the Town of Rensselaerville. There were many more businesses in the hamlets. Those businesses are listed in their respective hamlet sections.
- Rice General Store
- Rensselaerville Grist Mill
- Rensselaerville sawmill
- E & J Polishing and Plating Co.
- Felter's Foundry
- Fritch & Tiffany Foundry
- Heart of the Pine
- Ice House Crafts
- Rensselaerville Creamery
- Wildove's General Store