Berne during the War of 1812

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
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We are attempting to make a list of all hill town men who served. If you know someone who served, please add their name to the list. If you know more about any of them, if would be a fitting tribute to them if you would also create a biography of them. Until then, the only thing we can share with viewers of this page is their name.


We would like to start a biography for each of these people with the basic data about their military service and anything else you care to add. Click on Instructions for Entering Service Personnel for additional help.

Service Personnel

Tenney and Howell List

  • Orange Beeman, Berne
  • Michael Belle, Berne
  • Joseph Bradley, Berne
  • Richard Brownell, Berne
  • Henry Carroll, Berne
  • Richard Filkins, Berne
  • Jesse Helligus, Berne
  • Reuben Hungerford, Berne
  • Elisha Ingraham, Berne
  • Daniel Joshlin, Berne,
  • Daniel Joslin, Berne
  • Derrick Martin, Berne
  • Nicholas Osterhout, Berne
  • David D. Palmer, Berne
  • Stephenson Palmer, Berne
  • John Pier, 2d, Berne
  • William Rhinehart, Berne
  • John I. Schermerhom, Berne
  • James Sloan, Berne
  • William Truax, Berne
  • John Wilda, Berne
  • Christian Willmon, Berne

Landmarks of Albany County, New York

  1. Family notes respecting the Bradley family of Fairfield, and our descent therefrom : with notices of collateral ancestors on the female side for the use of my children (1894), Bradley, Joseph P., 1813-1892. cn; Bradley, Charles, 1857- ed, Newark, N.J., A. Pierson & Co., printers and book-binders