Berne Promiinent Residents

From Helderberg Hilltowns of Albany County, NY
  • John Warren Butterfield (see also John Warren Butterfield) (Nov. 18, 1801 - Nov. 14, 1869), born in Berne, went on to found the Butterfield Overland Mail, the stage that was an early operation of American Express and Wells Fargo.
  • Justice Joseph Philo Bradley (Mar. 14, 1813 - Jan. 22, 1892), born on a farm on the top of Cole Hill on Lot 523, served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1870-1892. Bradley is best remembered as being the 15th and final member of the Electoral Commission that decided the disputed 1876 presidential election between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat [Samuel J. Tilden]. (The Philo Bradley House built by his father is extant.)
  • Corporal Harold C. Mattice (Apr. 9, 1890 - Apr. 22, 1923), born in the hamlet of Berne the son of a blacksmith, was the first NYS trooper to be shot while making an arrest.
  • Capt. Adam Bogardus (Sep. 17, 1834 - Mar. 23, 1913), born on a farm on Ravine Road on West Mountain, became the World Champion and United States Champion trap shootist. He is credited with popularizing trap shooting. He invented the first practical glass ball trap in 1877. He and his sons were renowned crack shots who toured with the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. He is in the National Trapshooting Hall of Fame. (For a more complete biograph see Capt. Adam Henry Bogardus.)
  • Albert Gallup (January 30, 1796 - November 5, 1851), born in Berne, was a U.S. Representative from New York from 1837 - 1839.
  • Mary Elizabeth Grenander (21 November 1918 – 28 May 1998), born in Rewey, Wisconsin, was a professor of English and philanthropist, for whom the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives of the University Libraries of the University at Albany, the State University of New York is named. She and her second husband, James Corbett (a professor of physics at SUNY), prospered through the stock market. She donated $1 million to SUNY in his memory after his death in 1994. Grenander died in East Berne, New York, at 79 years of age.
  • Hiram Walden (August 21, 1800 - July 21, 1880), born in Pawlet, Vermont, lived in Berne from 1818-1821 and manufactured axes. He then moved his axe factory to the Town of Wright to what became known as Waldensville. From 1849 - 1851 he was a United States Representative from New York 21st District.