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Benjamin Thompson was born in about 1801[1] In Rensselaer County, NY[2]. His parents are unknown.


Benjamin was a bricklayer by trade.[3] [2]

Marriage & Children

In about 1825, Benjamin married Hannah Wagnoner, whose parents are unknown. They had seven[2] children of whom we know the following:

Interestingly two of Benjamin's children married into the William Vincent family. Simon married William Vincent's daughter Elizabeth M. Vincent and Caroline married William's son Milliard S. Vincent.


Benjamin was born in Rensselaer County, NY. He moved to Albany County in about 1825 which was about the time of his marriage.[5]

In 1850 Benjamin and his wife, who were both about 50 years of age, were living in New Scotland, Albany County, NY with their children Simon, Maria and Carolina.[3] Benjamin was supporting his family by working as a bricklayer.[3] Also living with the family was a George Wilson, age 35, who was born in England and was working as a blacksmith.[3]

By 1855 Benjamin and his family had moved to Berne, where Benjamin was working as a farmer. Benjamin and Hannah were living with their daughters Sarah and Caroline. Their son Simon had already married and was out of the house. Their daughter Sarah was recorded in the 1855 NY State Census two times; once with her parents and also with the Zeb A. Dyer family in Berne, where she worked as a servant.[5]

In 1860, Benjamin and his wife Hannah were living with their son Simon and his wife Elizabeth in East Berne.[6] Several houses away was their daughter, Sarah, who was still single and was working as a servant for the Morgan Allen family.[6] Their daughter Caroline was working for the Alexander Hungerford family in East Berne as a servant.[6]

Five years later Benjamin and Hannah were still living with Simon and his wife, but their widowed daughter Sarah M. Thompson Taylor had joined the household.[2] Benjmain was working as a bricklayer and Simon as a farmer.[2]

By 1870 Benjamin and Hannah were no longer living with Simon and Elizabeth, who were still in East Berne as they would be in 1880.[7][8]


Benjamin Thompson died after 1865. His children, Simon and Caroline were both ultimately buried at South Berne Rural Cemetery however no record of Benjamin or Hannah have been found there.[9]


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